Eye on Asia

Indonesia: Insights about Yogyakarta

As part of a learning journey jointly organised by Singapore Polytechnic International and the Temasek Foundation in August 2018, student participants came together under the Temasek Foundation International Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange programme and conducted a mini-survey among a group of young respondents in Yogyakarta to learn more about their consumer preferences.

For instance, they gathered that the Indonesians largely prefer local brands for fruit, seafood, meat and vegetables because of the quality and accessibility. Likewise, the Indonesians also tend to choose local brands for their toiletries because they are trustable and affordable as compared to global brands. In terms of electronic appliances, laptops and televisions are most commonly found in their homes and they are more inclined to purchase globally famous brands such as Apple and Samsung for their smartphones.

These are some insights gained from their learning journey which aims to deepen an understanding of other cultures and foster a bond among ASEAN countries.

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Credit: Singapore Polytechnic