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Financial services, banking and payment systems in Thailand

This is a selection of resources on financial services, banking and payment systems in Thailand available from the NLB catalogue or the Internet. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list. If you come across more useful resources, please drop us a note so we can share with our readers.

NLB print and digital resources

Living abroad in Thailand

If you’ve ever imagined yourself living in Thailand, then this book is for you. Packed with useful information covering many aspects of daily life, this book also includes a chapter on finance, covering the cost of living, banking, taxes and investing.

All rights reserved, Berkeley, California: Avalon Travel, 2016.

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Becoming an expat. Thailand

This is a useful reference for anyone planning to move to Thailand. It includes information on the cost of living as well as banking, credit cards and taxes.

All rights reserved, Oklahoma City, OK: Enete Enterprises, 2014.

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Financial systems in developing economies: Growth, inequality and policy evaluation in Thailand

This is a useful guide on the Thai economy, providing an in-depth evaluation of the country’s financial system. It covers the impact of specific financial institutions, markets for credit and insurance, and government policies on growth, inequality and poverty at the macro, regional and village levels.

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