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Customs, Costumes & Etiquette in Laos

This is a selection of resources on customs, costumes and etiquette in Laos available from the NLB catalogue or the Internet and is not meant to be an exhaustive list. If you know of or come across more useful resources, please drop us a note so that we can share them with our readers.

NLB print and digital resources

Culture and Customs of Laos

This book offers a comprehensive look at the contemporary culture of Laos from Buddhist traditions and Laotian cuisine to everyday customs.

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Siho and Naga – Lao Textiles: Reflecting a people’s tradition and change

Find out more about the enchanting Laotian traditional textiles and be enthralled by the dyeing and weaving techniques that go into creating the Laotian textiles.

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Laos: Society & Culture

Interested in Laos and want to find out more? Check out this all-inclusive culture report to get up to speed on all aspects of culture in Laos, including lifecycle, superstitions and folklore, sports, holidays and festivals as well as  etiquette.

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Laos Culture

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Etiquette and customs in Laos

Learn about traditional etiquette for mealtimes in Laos, forms of greetings as well as customs of various hill tribes in Laos.

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