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The Halal Travel Industry – Next Big Wave

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Ever considered exploring the Halal travel industry as a business opportunity? On 9 January 2019, Mr Mikhail Melvin Goh, Chief Executive Officer from Have Halal Will Travel, shared insights about the potential market comprising 1.8 billion Muslims. In particular, the Muslim middle class in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia is growing. A survey also found that 74.2 percent of Muslims in these countries want to travel to places like Japan, Korea and Europe, breaking the stereotype of a Muslim traveller as someone who only wants to go to countries where there are significant numbers of Muslims. This has brought about an attractive business opportunity to reach out to such travellers. In this regard, Have Halal Will Travel has reached out to approximately 9.4 million people as a travel and lifestyle platform for Muslims across the region.

During the talk, Mr Goh further noted that increasingly, Muslim travellers are keen to broaden their horizons and increase their understanding of the world. They not only want to go sightseeing, but they would also like to immerse themselves in the local cultures. They prefer autonomy (to be able to choose what they want to do); authenticity (to be able to live among the locals and interact with them); and a sense of belonging (being able to enrich the community with their presence). To those who are interested in the Halal travel industry, Mr Goh suggested looking into the provision of facilities such as prayer rooms, halal food and safety.

This is one of the talks under the Eye on Asia programme series for everyone, including young Singaporeans what want to explore opportunities in the region and beyond.

With a total market value of USD 300B expected in 2026, the Muslim travel market is emerging as a highly lucrative segment for brands to tap on. Join Singaporean Mikhail Melvin Goh, CEO of Have Halal Will Travel, as he shares about the opportunities and challenges within this market in the region and the world.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019
7.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Level 5, Possibility Room
National Library Building

Free admission. Register now via https://bit.ly/2zwiTTE


About the Speaker

Mikhail is the CEO of Have Halal, Will Travel, a travel and lifestyle portal. Mikhail’s specialisation in digital marketing, coupled with his deep understanding of the Muslim segment, has provided him with a unique perspective of the industry.