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Are you ready to be a China-savvy young Singaporean?

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While a good mastery of the Chinese language is definitely an advantage, one should not let language be a barrier or excuse for success in China. Rather, Singaporeans should get updated on everything about China, explore the tier 2 or 3 cities within China where more opportunities exist, network with Singaporean communities in China as a conduit and join study tours, business trips or internships and connect with fellow Singaporeans in the country!

These were some of the useful tips on how to be China-savvy which Dr Tan Eng Han, Founder and Director of OSG (Overseas SG Ltd) and Country Manager (China), ACT Inc presented on 9 November 2018 drawing from his rich experience and networks gained over his last two decades in China. During the programme, Dr Tan further elaborated on the various difficulties faced when he first started a new chapter of life in China as well as potential challenges which Singaporeans might face as a working expatriate in China.

He also shared that his motivations for setting up OSG is to benefit young Singaporeans who are keen to venture to China. “Be global-minded, China-savvy and entrepreneurial” – these were the three key characteristics that Dr Tan aimed to impart through OSG’s various programmes and events for Singaporean youth, both at home and overseas. He highlighted the growth of the OSG events over the years and cited examples of how young Singaporean students who initially participated as attendees gradually became active lead organisers of other OSG progammes as they too shared the common vision to equip their peers with insights and a deep understanding of China.

So what were Dr Tan’s personal motivations to venture into China? Dr Tan said “I wanted to step out of Singapore to explore as well as the opportunity of being present in the job I was doing then.” How about you? Are you ready to explore opportunities in China?

This is one of the talks under the Eye on Asia programme series for everyone including young Singaporeans who want to explore opportunities in the region and beyond.

Join Singaporean Dr Tan Eng Han as he highlights efforts by Overseas SG Ltd in building a strong community of China-savvy and entrepreneurial Singapore youths. Get tips on how to be China-ready before taking the leap abroad.

Thursday, 8 November 2018
7.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Level 5, Possibility Room
National Library Building

Free admission. Register now via https://bit.ly/2yUmKJn

About the Speaker
Dr Tan Eng Han has spent most of his 24 years in China in the area of education management, representing both Singapore (Informatics Education) and U.S. education firms (Educational Testing Service and ACT). Eng Han founded Overseas SG Ltd and is an executive member of the Shanghai Singapore Business Association.